Captain's Council

Learning to be a leader and working with a team is central to the mission of the school athletic program. Team captains (as decided by each team and their coach) are expected to model leadership, sportsmanship, and good citizenship to their teammates, competitors, and the school community. The Captain’s Council exists to support those team captains in their role by assisting them to become more effective leaders.

The Captain's Council meets monthly to discuss issues in the school, athletics department, and our community. Another key function of the council is to plan community service projects.

The first 2019-2020 Captain's Council will be held in October.

2019/2020 Captain's Council Members

Townes Bakke

Skylee Barry

Sam Boswell

Marguerite Bradley

Elise Brodsky

Ivy Brundege

Austin Chareunsouk

Helen Cross

Sushan Dahal

Hatcher Edmondson

Annabel Ivey

Rylee Kutscher

Bashal Malla

Ranjan Malla

Sydney Mayhew

Eirwen McClish

Cody Martin

Ben Nichols

Ely Nitsch

Cooper Nielsen

Madeline Prince

Lucas Schalz

Lucy Schalz

Noah Turner

Zac Weiner