Concessions at NMSHS earn between $100-$300 at every sporting event. The money made through concessions is used for a variety of student activities and groups. We sell items like hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburgers, soft pretzels, popcorn, nachos, chips, candy, soda and bottled water. Sometimes we offer chili and baked goods as well. 

Concessions volunteers receive a free meal for every shift. Kids are welcome to come help, and they are entitled to a free meal as well. We also provide a free meal to all referees at our sporting events.

Concessions are organized by Panther Parents, however any student group, club, organization, team or class may sign up for a shift. Groups that volunteer get to keep $50 with a minimum of $100 in sales and if the concession stand is left clean and ready for the next shift. Groups may keep any tips they make, or revenue generated from baked good or other items provided by the group. 

Please watch our "how to video" for concessions.