Student Council

High School

High School Student Council at Nederland Middle/Senior High School is available to all high school students. We work as a multi-grade level advisory group to put on events like homecoming and the winter ball, as well as to promote school spirit and improve the culture and climate of our school. We have an executive council made up of juniors and seniors who make decisions to be rolled out to the larger group. The large group works together to complete necessary tasks and communicate with their class and the school as a whole. For students, Student Council offers a leadership opportunity to impact change in the school. Students involved become leaders in their class and connect with other class leaders to promote a positive school culture.


For questions please contact Kelly Strong

2018/2019 High School Student Council Members

Sasha Godsil - Senior

Meg Feeley - Senior

Anna Hastings - Senior

Helen Cross - Junior

Ellie Brewer - Junior

Ainsley Norman - Junior

Cody Martin - Junior

Alex Sorokach - Junior

Hakan Chunton - Junior

Sydney Mayhew - Sophomore

Samuel Boswell - Sophomore

Suzy Barnwell - Sophomore

Maddie Prince - Sophomore

Hatcher Edmondson - Sophomore

Zach Weiner - Freshman

Ivy Brundege - Freshman

Townes Bakke - Freshman

Natalie Taylor - Freshman

Ben Nicholas - Freshman

Skylee Barry - Freshman

Middle Level

Middle Level Student Council is responsible for planning middle school events throughout the year. Duties include planning a middle school representation for the homecoming parade, helping to organize, and work, Harvest Feast, and planning a middle level dance. Student Council duties may vary from year to year, and members are encouraged to think of new events and activities that they would like to see in their school! ML StuCo is open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader who wishes to participate. Meetings are held during Thursday CREW "club time".


For questions please contact Allison Barrett

2019/2020 Middle Level Student Council Members

Lauren Dirr

Blue Garcia-Paine

Alex Jaffe

Michael Garduno

Teaghan Hartman

Savannah Hill

Opal Kinnikin 

Glen Kress

Kyleigh McLaughlin

Brian Mexia-Baratta

Landon Ritch

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